Istoria bicicletei


Long time a go, in a country fara nume
A gentleman has invented, un vehicul de renume.
It has wheels, pedale, frane,
I’am not lying, e pe bune.

In the begining, pedalau razand,
Only gentlemans, cu barba’n vant,
It was black, tare cocheta.
And They named it… bicicleta.

After years, Coana Mita,
Started si la femei fita,
They wears fusta sau jupon,
And They holds tight de ghidon.

These days are…  mai peste tot,
In the woods sau langa’un bloc,
Ladies au chiar festival,
“Skirt bike” e acum pe val.

Men or women, sau copii,
They are full de bucurii
They are cycling de placere,
To the job or to the bere.



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